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"Whether you are a professional athlete or someone trying to get in shape, your physical and mental health will benefit from time spent in training with Ron."

Sterling Sharpe, NBC Sport Analyst & Former Professional Football Player

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Ron Emmons Bio

Ron Emmons has over twenty years experience in personal training, fitness and bodybuilding. Ron Emmons has over twenty five years experience in personal training, fitness and bodybuilding. Emmons has his Masters Fitness Trainer Certification from the National Gym Association and has won numerous body building competitions. Some of his titles include:

  • International Mr. Berlin 1986
  • Armed Forces Mr. Quantico 1985
  • Mr. Washington D.C. 1985
  • Natural Mr. USA 1986
  • Natural Mr. America 1988
  • 7th Place Natural Mr. Universe 1990

In addition Mr. Emmons was the youngest (at age 19) and the only American to win the Mr. Berlin Bodybuilding Competition (1979). Ron went on to win 10 more bodybuilding titles worldwide, including the 1986 Natural Mr. USA and the 1988 Natural Mr. America before his career ended due to an injury in January 1991.

Mr. Emmons background includes a distinguished military career, and he has taught “The Principles of Weight Training” for Central Texas College.

Ron began Ron Emmons Personal Training in 1995. He currently resides in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife and daughter where he works as a fitness consultant and advocate for steroid-free body building.