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"Ron is known in the athletic and body building world for helping folks get in the best shape of their lives.  His focus on technique and diet can help anyone willing to put in the effort."

Leomont Evans, Former Professional Football Player

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Personal Training Services

Personal Training Sessions: Specializing in strength training, weight reduction, weight management, body-fat testing, up-to-date nutritional information, and complete physical fitness assessment.

  • $ 30: ½ Hour - Individual training with Ron. Attention to proper use of equipment, proper form and appropriate weight for desired results.
  • $ 35: 1 Hour - Training with Ron and one other individual (paired training) includes instruction and guidance in equipment use, form and exercise format. Determine your fitness objectives and achieve the results you want.
  • $ 45: 1 Hour - Individualized training with Ron including assessment, exercise and conditioning program development. Personalized attention to YOU and what you need to do to reach and maintain your fitness goals.

Other Services:

Fitness Seminars: An all day seminar. Ron will come to your church or organization and present a highly motivating and goal oriented program. He’ll present basic steps on how to begin a fitness regime and stick with it, how to get fit and stay fit including the spiritual, nutritional, exercise and cardio requirements necessary.

Train the Trainers: A full day program. Ron will work with a group of individuals to train those involved in the physical fitness programs of their church or organization. Emphasis is on the spiritual, nutritional, exercise and cardio components necessary for physical fitness and personal and program success.

Please contact Ron Emmons, 803.699.1339 or www.TempleOfFitness.com 
for prices for Seminar and Train the Trainers programs.